Press kit winter 2021/2022 / Peisey-Vallandry 9 A relaxing lounge area which highlights the local heritage The idea behind the relaxing lounge area is to offer skiers and pedestrians a place to unwind for a moment on the panoramic terrace. Those stopping for a snack or a break are also welcome inside this haven of elegance. It also highlights local heritage thanks to the permanent exhibi- tion of traditional objects from the valley of Peisey-Vallandry and the examples of herb beds, all locally sourced. This free access space offers toilets and free Wi-Fi. Discover the animals of the mountains In a similar vein, a Mountain Animal Museum will be created on the first floor of the relaxing lounge area where more than 30 different species will be presented. This unique space, open to all, has the goal of letting visitors discover and learn about protecting the mountain flora and fauna. It has been conceived and implemented in close collaboration with the Vanoise National Park. The museum will also be a place to discover more about this magical ecosystem, with talks by experts from the National Park. An examplary construction Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the gondola to continue the development of producing renewable en- ergies in the resort. Along with that, a system whereby the heat of the machinery can be recovered and reused within the installation itself is to be put in place. Rainwater will also be collected and redistributed where needed. A space accessible in sum- mer and winter If in winter the gondola lets skiers reach a multitude of slopes, in summer walkers and bikers can also take ad- vantage of it to reach the many dedicated trails and tracks.