Press kit winter 2021/2022 / Peisey-Vallandry 30 The mountain is not only about white slopes and long summer walks. Each season has its particular charm. Peisey-Vallandry, with its authentic lively villages is happy to welcome you all year round. Here are 5 good reasons to visit Peisey-Vallandry in spring. 1. ENJOY THE TRANQUILLITY No traffic jams or standing in line at the shops. This is the ideal time to have a break, relax and make the most of this beautiful space to revitalise yourself. The days are getting longer so you have more time to be outside and soak up the natural vitamins that are vital for our well-being. Enjoy bathing in the warmth and sunshine of this peaceful envi- ronment. 2. SPECIAL OFFERS AN ACCOMMODATION Season over = prices lower! With fewer people around, accommodation prices are lower. Get in touch with Pei- sey-Vallandry Réservation and see what they can offer you. LET’S MEET UP IN SPRING