Press kit winter 2021/2022 / Peisey-Vallandry 21 NEW RESTAURANTS La Fragola Di Neve & La Trattoria: when Piedmont marries Savoy The altitude restaurant everyone was waiting for! Located just below the Derby chairlift in Peisey-Vallandry, where se- veral slopes cross, this complex is composed of a snack bar on the ground floor, the Fragola Di Neve, and a restaurant on the 1st floor, the Trattoria. For lovers of Savoy and Ita- lian food, Paolo Sola, the owner and manager is delighted to propose delights that pay tribute to his Italian origins and his love of Savoy cuisine. On the menu for example, you will find Foccacias in the snack bar and at the Trattoria fresh pasta made on site with an Italian-imported machine no less. You can enjoy your food on the superbly sunny ter- race with amazing views across the valley. The mix of wood and metal decor creates a warm yet modern atmosphere. Paolo is looking forward to making this the unmissable ex- perience of your holiday. Blanche Murée: a family story that continues Blanche Murée is above all a family dream. Formally a pastoral chalet, the building was transformed into a res- taurant in 1993 on the initiative of two brothers (Claude and Thierry Buthod) and their cousin (Albert Garçon). After 28 years of fun and good food, they have decided to take off their aprons and pass them on to their nephew Mel- vyn Marchand-Maillet. Having trained in some of the best mountain top spots and now manager of a restaurant in Annecy, his solid experience will stand him in good stead to take over this Peisey-Vallandry institution. Whilst keeping the warm and friendly atmosphere of the place, Melvyn is adding a personal touch by creating a “skis-on” snack bar. He has a new traditional menu, but regulars will still be able to enjoy the famous Blanche Murée signature dish: the tartiflette. And for those who like to party Melvyn is planning DJ sessions to liven up the terrace that nestles discreetly in the Blanche Murée forest. muree.html MEET UP AGAIN AROUND OUR TABLES