Press kit winter 2021/2022 / Peisey-Vallandry 17 Two marked-out slopes for beginners Peisey-Vallandry’s playground is a dream for fans of ski-tou- ring. If you are trying it for the first time, in partnership with the Swiss brand Movement, we have marked out 2 routes: “Les Verdaches” from the Parchey chairlift in Plan Peisey and “Le Carroz Blanc” from the Nordic centre at Pont Baudin. A third route from Nancroix to “Les Esserts” is under construction. OF F ER Introduction to ski-touring at sunset with an aperitif ESF Peisey-Vallandry offers a beginner’s guide to ski-touring at sunset. A group outing lasting 1h30 will prove to you that physical effort equals enjoyment. Price: €45 per person (on reservation). OF F ER Become a trapper ESF Peisey-Vallandry is continuing this novel activity this winter following last winter’s success. As an alternative to skiing or as an additional experience, with the help of instructors and mountain guides, the children will become real little trappers in just a few afternoons: orienteering courses, land’art, building igloos, yooner races, snowball fights and identifying the local fauna are among the skills they will learn. Price: From €194 for 5 courses (from 4 years old). 30 marked routes exclusively for walkers and snowshoers Peisey-Vallandry’s greatest wish is for you to combine walking with exploring. Whether you are seeking a peaceful stroll, a funfilled walk or to discover our heritage, you will find hap- piness on one of our 30 marked routes. More paths are un- der construction. OF F ER E XCLUS I VE A night time walk with reindeer An idyllic family outing that you will only find in Peisey- Vallandry. As you walk with the reeindeer from the Baudet Malin park by the light of lanterns you will enjoy a Savoyard aperitif. A magical evening! Price: €50per adult, €40 per child (on reservation with Xavier Dusonchet - Pass’Montagne). OF F ER Nightime E-scoot outing We can understand why this was one of the most popular activities last winter. With the e-scoot you can explore Peisey- Vallandry at speed! With Evolution 2 by your side, thrills and laughs are guaranteed! Price: From €38 per person (on reservation). SKI-TOURING AND WALKING AREA